Queering Pornhub

By Frida Mar     Coming from an all-girl’s Catholic high school meant that I received no realistic education about sex or sexual health. In my freshman year of high school, I could recall the cis male anatomy in concrete detail while the cis female anatomy blurred in my memory. My school never covered masturbation […]

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More Than Gay: Lesbian Relations as Radical Praxis (A.K.A: I’m Not Just Gay. I Hate Capitalism Too)

By: Alisha Krishna Summary: I read Fire (Mehta, 1996) as a text focusing more on the women’s labour relations within heteronormative, patriarchal society. As a result, I argue that their queerness is a product of much more than being inherently gay and oppressed. Such an analysis also ties in issues of modernity and Westernization, tradition and […]

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Procrastinating Queerly

Exam Season is upon us all, and most of U of T is hard at work avoiding their readings and problem sets. We at VicPride! want to aid you all in this admirable goal, and as such we have compiled a list of content you can use to procrastinate and relax. Of course, since we […]

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Trans Day of Remembrance

Today we remember and honour the many trans people who have lost their lives or suffered at the hands of hatred and violence in some way or another. We recognize the struggles of trans people before us who have felt ignorance and pain at the hands of transphobia and systemic oppression. And we remember the […]

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Hey everyone, This Friday VicPride! will be having our first event of the year. It’ll be a fun chance to come meet people at Vic as well as the larger University of Toronto community. Our goal this year is to foster more of a community at Vic. Safe spaces for marginalized people have always been […]



Hey everyone! (We know this is a little late but) Welcome back to another year! With midterm seasons approaching and the changing weather we hope you’re all able to be kind to yourselves and each other. We are very excited to be back for another year, and we have a lot of fun events and […]

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